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When paying per term: £12 per class. Reserved Mat

Pay as you go: £14 per class. Depending on availability.

Private Classes

For those who prefer personal attention and classes attuned for them.

Or if you want to work on a deeper level.

Book your private session for a time that suits you. Yoga or Meditation & Pranayama

Private yoga is transformational yoga: Giving you the tools to make a difference in every day life through in-depth focus on asanas, the chakras, mantras and breathing and meditation techniques giving you the knowledge you need to purify your body, stabilise your emotions, focus your mind and increase your spiritual well being.

Offering a complete approach to well being.

1:1 1hr £75 - 2:1 £90


"A year from now you will wish you started today..."

Class Rules

Not too many. Promise


Here at The Mat Sanctuary we like the slow life.
We would not want you to ever stress about having a mat in your favourite class. 

Especially as every class is designed to make you progress and grow. To feel and to heal.
For this reason, and because we offer personal classes, not mass events, we ask you to reserve a slot. 

You sign up for a weekly class for a half or full term.  

After this, the mat is yours. 

We ask you to stick to your booked slot. On the rare occasions you can't make it one week, you can do your class a different day or send a friend.

During school holidays we leave it to you wether you like to come or not but you won't loose anything if you can't make it. We understand how demanding life can be. Just give us a little notice.

Last but not least: The Studio is a no shoe zone + mobile phones ideally don't come in but we understand if you need to keep one near for emergencies. We just ask you to turn off sounds and vibrations 



We take pride in providing a clean studio, clean mats and clean props.​

We never ask you to clean anything and will do this all for you. Every time.

Mats don't just get rolled up and put away for the next session here.

We feel that for you to heal and relax we need to provide a clean environment.

We only use earth & skin friendly products.

If you have a cold or are a little under the weather you are welcome to join, just use the hand sanitiser on offer before you use the mat.

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