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Try something new... A little out of your comfort zone... Feel alive

Join us. We have so much to offer at the moment. A whole variety for Yogi's and non-Yogi's alike...

Wether you like to shop, dance or would like a sneak tweak (Yes, I am talking about Botox), we have pop-ups and events for every one.

Do follow us on Insta to keep up to date:

Exactly a year from today we will be teaching yoga with this view.

You can book a space at our Andalusian retreat here:

Did I mention it is currently still 27 degrees?

Tuesday 10/10 We are holding a special Tea Ceremony with Lera from t-lovers

You can book a space here:

No judgement. We all need a little help from time to time and we are holding space for the amazing team of Allure Aestetics.

They offer botox, filler, threads and more. If in doubt; all appointments start with an in-depth consultation.

Few time slots left:

If you know me, you know how much I like holding healing Soundbaths Various dates there.

Or come for a longer Sound Retreat: to keep you calm before the madness of Christmas.

Friday 03/11 there is a clothes swap at the studio. Get involved and walk away with free new clothing, shoes or accessories.

Stop fast fashion. Do your little thing for our planet and for your own wallet.

If you haven't worn it for 2 years it is time to swap.

Weekly Dance in the body classes with Maddalena

Tuesday Night 6.30-7.30

Weekly Kundalini Yoga with Sarah

Thursday Night 6.00 -7.00

If you made it all the way to here then I know you are taking your self care serious.

Book something fun or calming to help you transition into the darker months.

Love Laura

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