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'an act of moving back or withdrawing'

Thát is the official meaning of the word retreat. Withdrawing.

So why is a retreat often seen as a treat? Spa-retreat. Yoga-retreat. We always have visions of pure luxurious relaxation. Yet, moving back or withdrawing can be hard work. What if it means withdrawing inside. Having a proper look at your self and your life. No jacuzzi in sight.

More of this in a moment. If you are in a hurry, please do scroll down to have a read of where I will be and why I'm not responding for a while.

First I would like to announce that our doors are opening again on September 5th.

We have a new class schedule that will offer regulars to dive a little deeper. For those who like to start afresh in September; you will soon feel at home in our small classes offering flow yoga combined with moments of rest & reflection.

We are also starting our events again. You can now book a mat for the forever busy Soundbath or a last space on one of our 'retreats'.

Until then I am off on a retreat and I will not be able to answer any calls or emails.

Which brings me back to the word retreat... I will be on a remote mountain in Portugal where 4 days of silence are on the menu. No talking. No communication. No WhatsApp. No email. No phone.

We will literally be retreating. A journey of self discovery, empowerment & healing. Discover what has fallen out of balance & restore our well being.

Rewilding. Somatic movement. Ecstatic dance (oh hell that scares me always!) Feeling the connection to earth.

7 am meditation. Vegetarian meals. no caffeine & no alcohol. Lots of Yoga. Even more reflection.

So if anyone thinks I'm off to the beach again or having a luxurious spa retreat... think again. I'm slightly scared. Diving deep. A little out of my comfort zone. But to me that is what being alive is all about.

I hope to bring lots of goodness back to you.

I'd like to say 'follow my adventures on Insta' but there will be no such thing from Tue-Friday. (@thematsanctuary)


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