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Relaxing at home...

With the half term coming closer at frightening speed, I am sure that some of you are looking forward to a holiday to catch some Winter sun.

But what if this is not you? (Like me. Flight prices have soared and I have finally given in and booked a few nights in Cornwall. With the dog!)

Most of our lives we are made to believe that relaxation is something we do outside our home. Wether it is on a day out, a spa retreat or a holiday. As a result, we spend months anticipating weeklong vacations, not often

fully appreciating the leisure time we are blessed with on a more regular basis.

It is possible however to create that same feeling of blissful calm within the four walls of our home. The feelings of serenity you enjoy during a vacation are not only there because of the warmth of the sun and the smell of the sea, they are a product of your outlook too. You give yourself permission to enjoy yourself and unwind while on vacation. Granting yourself the same privilege while at home allows you to experience complete relaxation, even when surrounded by routine. Our homes can be distracting places full of tasks and duties. There is always something 'To Do' waiting for us. Reviving the tranquility you felt on holiday is as easy as creating an atmosphere that helps you relax. To me this means I have to start with a clean slate. If you don't mind mess around you, good for you, you can start immediately with step B, but if you are like me: tidy first so the glaring eyes of what you 'should be' doing are no longer there. Then, (Step B) set the mood. Music that reminds you of chilled out happy moments. Comfortable clothes but maybe with some style that makes you smile! A drink you love and some nice food that can transport you to a more restful mental space. (How about a large cappuccino and a Danish pastry with that book you always wanted to read. Some Ludovico in the background and the fire on. Works for me every time).

Step C; truly put aside your projects and commit to doing only what you consider pleasurable. Do only what you want for as long as you want (or is feasible).

Your responsibilities can wait as you put up your feet and revel in peacefulness that comes from within.

And this does not need to be a one hour slot squeezed into a busy day. You can plan this, like a little mini vacation to last just that little bit longer. Go out for the day, do something yo love and then come back to your carefully set up cocoon.

You will soon start to feel more relaxed, your shoulders will come down a few inches and your frown will easy.

And if that all doesn't work for you; book yourself in for our evening retreat Tuesday 2nd November, 7-9pm to nurture yourself and beat the Winter Blues.

£25 including drink and a snack. The booking link is here:

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