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No New Year Resolutions...

I wish you all a very happy 2022. Depending on where you are, I feel we are all still off to a rocky start with much uncertainty but we can only hope for better times. Lots of manifestation please. Lets keep sending those good vibes to the universe.

I hope you had a great Christmas with your loved ones and saw in the New Year the way you like best. Wether that is quietly or all glammed up and dancing on a table...

Did you make any New Year Resolutions? I'm not one for them really. I feel that if you want to change something you should do this any time, starting right there and then. Not waiting for the next Monday or the next year. But at the same time I find myself thinking today: what do I want for the new year? Apart from Covid to disappear and lots of travel without the paper work and tests, apart from seeing and hugging my friends and a happy year for my kids, what do I want? What is it that makes life good? For me. On a small scale.

What are the simple things that make me enjoy life.

After having had a week in a yoga retreat over Christmas when I barely had time to sit with it and think, I am grateful that I'm going to live close to my son's school for three nights with only my kids and the dog there. In the middle of nowhere. I hope that I will finally find the time to open my books and sit with it for a while.

Sit with my thoughts, my needs, myself. Just listening to what comes to mind and to what my intuition tells me.

Don't get me wrong. I am blessed to have gotten away. The Yoga retreat was amazing but not half as spiritual as I would have liked it. And it was SO busy. 40 of us having breakfast, lunch and dinner every day in one big room. The same room where we would all hog the 2 sofa's by the fire place. With it raining every day, it was hard to find a secret spot int he garden where you could just be. A few times I managed to not be disturbed as I put my book up, like a shield, but I couldn't really concentrate on what I was reading as there was always a lot of noice. Going in to my bedroom was not really an option either. It was dark in there and I needed day light.

Luckily the yoga was amazing. Seriously hard and a nice challenge every morning at 8am and very relaxing at 5pm. The perfect combination. Add some music, some meditation and delicious food with lovely people from all around the world and it was an amazing week. But rest? no. Mindful? In snippets. And I feel I now need a few days to place these snippets. I want to read some inspiring books. I want to take them on board. I want to sit with it in silence and I then like to see what my intuition tells me. What do need more of in life and what do I need to let go that no longer serves me. How do I find that Balance?

(Let me quickly recommend this amazing book here: Buy the paperback as you will want to make notes and highlight bits! And no I do not get paid to say this.)

For now I know I want to do yoga (almost) every day. Make the time!

I want to meditate and breathe more.

I want to walk on bare feet through my house and sigh because I'm simply happy here when all is tidy and calm. At that time I want to burn some incense (thank you Christmas for giving me lots to choose from), make some tea and take in those moments.

I want to eat more healthily. Make time to cook with fresh ingredients.

I think that is a nice list for now for what I need more of. A good start.

What I need to let go off? Im not sure yet...

So not really New Year resolutions but definitely contemplations on what makes life good.

Have you taken the time lately to listen to your thoughts when they just come and go? What are they telling you? Something big or something small? What can you do to speak your inner truth and life a live true to yourself?

I hope to see you at The Mat Sanctuary where I hope to organise and host lots of self care events.

Have a look on this page for the next upcoming ones.

We are offering an evening on the Menopause to talk nutrition and HRT. There is Kirtan. (bring on the magic!) And if you feel like you have spend the entire holidays looking after other people come to the evening with Healing for Healers.

If you can't afford the regular price please message me.

Here is a small collection of my week's photos:

  1. A day in Sunny Seville before the rain hits

  2. 2. The Yoga Dome in Suryalila

  3. New friends

  4. Hogging the soga

  5. Hogging wine ;-)

  6. A night of Kirtan



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