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New at The Mat Sanctuary...

I don't want to say "with Summer truly over..." as I really hope that Summer has only just begun.

I ignore that little chill in the air and the dark evenings and hope for a gorgeous September & October.

However, schools are about to start, you may have come back from your trip and so, I now invite you to have a look at the updated website where you will find some new classes too.

Hello Mindfullness, Stay Young Yoga, (which includes face yoga) & Kundalini with Sarah.

If your Summer has been busy & hectic, your mind feels frazzled; make sure you come and find some peace in the studio.

Soundbaths are back with a vengeance; there are two next week and both currently have at least 1 space left. Try and get yours here: They tend to sell out so don't wait till the last minute.

We are hosting a London Sound Retreat on Sept 22nd. 10.30 -13.00:

This is one to fully unwind, let go and see where the journey is going to take you.

And you may have heard the big news: 2024 will bring us a 4 night Re;treat in the Andalucian Mountains.

Rooms are being booked for that right now:

All our classes start Monday September 4th and I can't wait to welcome you back on the mat.

Much Love

Laura x

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