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Fresh start & New beginnings

It is so strange... today the flooring went down in The Studio. Tomorrow will be electrics and then there are just the finishing touches left.

4 months after my first message with Charlie at Bespoke Hideouts and I nearly have a studio...

So fast I have to pinch myself.

January: endless searching on Pinterest for the perfect studio of dreams

February: Work with Charlie to design exactly that + get all the needed permissions

March: Garden still looking very much normal and intact until the diggers arrive

April 1st: Concrete floor goes down

9th: We have walls

14th: A ceiling

29th: Windows & Keys

May 1st: Plasters here

5th: Plants arrive

11th: Decking gets painted

14th: Walls become white

17th: Floor goes in

I cant quite believe how this was built by just one man. He measured, cut, built, repeat.

It was a pleasure to watch the meticulous and peaceful process. If there was ever a yoga studio built with love than this is the one

Today I have been taking my shoes off and I have stepped in with a broad smile on my face. Jumping. So excited

Not long to go now before I can move in the mats and all the decorations I have so carefully selected and accumulated to make this The Mat Sanctuary...

To be continued...

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