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Let go of the Season rush...

No time.

Too much to do.

So much so it takes the joy of going out.

You run past yourself 10x a day.

...and still the work is never finished and the to do list only gets longer...


at The Mat Sanctuary

3 new events. All to help you relax

Teen (& Adult) Snug Soundbath with CBD by OTO Drawing & Meditation

You can find all information and booking links to these online by simply clicking on the buttons below.

Please bare in mind that spaces are limited as we like to keep our events personal and cosy.

The Snug has evenings for teenagers & adults alike who need a break from their busy schedule.

Sessions are 1 hour and you pay what you can afford. There are a fe community slots for which you can contact us.

The December Soundbath has an added (optional and with small additional cost) bonus. We now work with OTO and have been provided with the most wonderful CBD drops to relax even further.

Working together with Egyptian artist Fouad Hammoud we are offering a combination of meditation and art for you to explore.

We really hope that all of these events will see you through the busy season.


Much Love


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