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Its a wrap...

Thank you all só much for choosing to come to The Mat Sanctuary in 2023.

Im living the dream when walking to work through my garden... and having just turned 50, I can't think of a better way to be and feel.

We hope that in 2024 we can help make you feel great too. Through movement, through practice, through being, through healing.

We have lots of new things on offer.

First and foremost; Some of my clients have moved and for the first time in a while I have yoga class space available. Check out the schedule here and reserve a mat before they go. Nothing like starting 2024 with a new plan for your own well being.

Then due to popular demand there are now three different types of Soundbaths monthly. Including a day time one which will be presented like a little retreat. They are as always filling up. Few places left for January. Read and book here:

If you really want to spoil yourself, join us in October 2024 on our Andalusian Retreat. I have some solo bookings with people looking for a room buddy and there are some double rooms free. Including a private casita I have just added.

I really hope to see you again or meet you in 2024. As always; if there is anything you like or need, drop us a line. We are a teensy studio and pride ourselves on our personal touch.

We are here for anyone who wants to disconnect from the busy world while connecting with themselves.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a great start to 2024.

Much Love


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