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Finding Positivity... here is your guide...

Darker days looming, political mess, rising cost of living, friends with an illness... It can be hard to find positivity with all that can go on in one's life. You may feel quite heavy hearted at times. Struggling to see the good.

And how irritating it can be when yogi's around you then speak of gratitude. Gratitude for what we have.

Yes! I know I need to be grateful for all I have. I am. But that doesn't mean I can't at times feel sad & low about certain events. Loss. Or just a truly shit day.

Even if you know other people are so much worse off, the doesn't mean you are not allowed to feel low.

We need to allow for this. We can't always skip through life being happy and grateful. We need to allow for a plethora of emotions that may hit us at any given moment. Wether they are justifiable, realistic or not. They are your feelings and that makes them true and valid.

So please, feel free to wallow in it for a while. Please feel free to talk about it. Don't just always answer "Im fine, thank you" when you are truly not.

Find a friend, a listening ear...

Sometimes when we feel this low, when we think about it, we realise we are just very tired. Tired of it all. Physically tired. Body aching. Brain exhausted. No energy at all.

Yet we don't have time to even rest to get over a cold. Let alone to deal with a shitty day with a havoc of emotions. We just keep moving. Keep going.

But what would happen if we would rest & relax?

To find out you may like to book one of our Soundbaths. They sell out because some clever people have realised the benefits of total relaxation and allowing yourself this for just 1.5 hrs every now and then.

You can book yours here:

The key to coming back to positivity after moments of feeling low, down or sad is to come out of it on the other side. To wallow, cry and then find a little bit of positivity to carry you up and out. Back to a better mood and a better place to be.

Rituals can help with this. Taking a moment to yourself.

If we start a ritual of something we love, it is surprising how quickly just the thought of this can make us feel better.

For example: Make a cup of coffee. Sit down at your desk or anywhere. You don't even really have to pause. A ritual doesn't need to take anymore time out of your busy day. But make a cup of coffee, sit at your desk, read your emails and be very aware of every sip. Holding the warm cup in both hands. Enjoy the smell. Let it nourish you. Then when you finish it; take a tub of hand cream and give yourself a very short hand massage. Do this every day at the same time. Smile. Adding a little joy to your email reading task.

If you don't like the idea of a daily ritual; another way of finding positivity is making a list of things that bring you joy. Small things:

- polishing your nails

- having a hot drink in your garden

- walking the dog

- doing something thoughtful for a friend

- baking a cake

Make a list of 5 things and add them into your week. One a day.

There are also a few things that we would better of not doing when feeling low: retail therapy!

Short burst of pleasure at high costs. If you are tempted to buy; think about something you really like to have and need. Like reading glasses or good boots. If you have a list of 10 things; start crossing things off until there is only one left and then treat yourself, without the guilt, to only this one item.

It also helps to only add it to an online basket and go back t it the next day to see if you still love it and must have it.

Another no go really: Alcohol.

If you like to have drink at night to make you feel better but you like to cut out alcohol... after all, alcohol does not make us feel better in the long term, try to make a drink with an alcohol free Botanical Spirit like Mahala.

There are so many great recipes and once poured into a nice glass they really do bring that moment of indulgent relaxation.

We hope you are ok. If not, please pop round for some mood boosting yoga or a retreat. We are here to help and love doing so.



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