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Christmas at The Mat Sanctuary

Lights, baubles, songs, Angels on Regent street, mulled wine on Sloane Square... We can't miss that it is 'nearly' Christmas.

The countdown is beginning officially in a few days and if you are about to start your shopping, Id like to say two words: S H O P L O C A L

There are so many fantastic small companies out there doing big things. Here are some of my favourites:

(And no, I do not get paid to mention them. As a matter of fact they don't even know I am yet)

Bijoux Vintage London sells beautifully sourced vintage jewellery here:

Choc Chick sells the most amazing organic Cacao for those cosy moments:

And I cant get enough of the hand poured candles of Made by Magna in Brighton:

If you like to gift a little differently, why not gift time. Time for yourself. We do gift vouchers for classes, Private lessons and 1:1 Reiki Treatments and Sound Healing.

Just contact us here: 10% off if you mention this post.

Gifting someone some time to relax is certainly a good way to say 'I love you' but what are you doing for yourself to keep your sanity in this hectic time?

For many people, the advent of autumn heralds the start of a stressful holiday season. From November to January, we feel pressured to be wonderful hosts, entertain scores of loved ones, and remain calm amid chaos. Yet much of the tension we feel during the holidays is a direct result of our own expectations. Sorry to bring that so bluntly but in our efforts to please others and to craft the ultimate celebration, we overextend ourselves and sometimes miss out on the spirit of the season. This year, consider transforming your approach to your celebrations. Instead of striving for perfection, try to enjoy the treats that only come once a year or in this Covid case; once in two years; the company of family and friends, and the little unexpected occurrences that make each holiday unique. Before you begin your whirlwind of seasonal preparations, ask yourself what aspects of each holiday are most important to you and what holiday-related goals you hope to achieve this year. In other words: what would you really like to do?

With my kids going to spend Christmas at their dad and my partner flying to see his parents, I find myself with unexpected time and space and so I thought hard about what I would really like to do...

I am now travelling solo to a yoga retreat to dive in a week of learning while I love what I will be doing.

So from the bottom of my heart; as the holiday season draws nearer, resolving to give up your dreams of perfection as this can really help you avoid anxiety. If you strive to have a good holiday, you can take charge of arrangements without feeling that your loved ones' happiness is resting on your shoulders. Try to remember that you are unique, which means that your holiday experience need not conform to that of your parents, your neighbours, or the simulated families you see in the media. Understand that you cannot please everyone. After all, what the people you care about likely want most during the holiday season is your time and attention. Allow yourself to decline invitations without guilt and to serve store-bought foods rather than homemade dishes if it means you get more time to relax in the company of friends and family.

If stress strikes, remember that holidays encompass but a few days out of each year. A year from now, you'll have only a handful of vivid memories to look back on. If you take a realistic and heartfelt view of the holidays, you'll be sure to remember them fondly.

If all else fails, keep your eyes on our instagram @thematsanctuary as there is very likely to be a relaxing event between Christmas and the New Year.



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