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Be your true self...

...its not the easiest of things...

Do you at times find yourself with someone or in a situation, where you hear yourself speak and you think 'who is that person?'.

Maybe you leave a long lunch or a meeting and you are feeling exhausted. Chances are that you have spend the last hours trying very hard to fit in and to say 'the right' thing.

To be accepted by others you may have created a persona, a fake identity.

One that you feel is what people like to see or need. Maybe even 5 fake identities or 10. Constantly switching and changing as you move along your day. Exhausting.

But this is not your actual you, it is your pretend identity and not your core identity.

Our core personality, our true being, who we really are is often hidden by all the identities we have to take on during the day.

Mother, sister, brother, dad, colleague, wife, friend, teacher...

Lots of expectations to meet and lots of persons to be...

But what would the world look like if there was lots of space to just be you?

How would that make you feel?

If you were accepted by everyone around you and in all situations being your true self... where you didn't need to be louder, stronger, calmer, smarter, better...

How would that make you feel?

At The Mat Sanctuary we like to look at exactly that. In our yoga classes; just being you, doing what you can, doing what feels good on that day and in that moment. Accepting yourself and being accepted.

Someties we dive a little deeper too. Like in our monthly sound baths. First one 4th may:

We are going to look at who we are and which shell, which pretend identity, we can maybe leave behind.

If you don's fancy that, feel free to just lay back, snuggle up with your blanket, relax and let the sound vibrations do their magic to deeply relax you.

Cant wait to meet the true you in The Studio.



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