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An appetite for change...

Some time you read something and it really hits home. You can think about it for hours, considering the importance of every little detail. And then you just want to talk about it. Share it.

That is exactly what happened when I read the following text from guest writer Dee Gibson. Owner of Kalukanda House, an award winning and dream destination in Sri Lanka.

Please have a read...

"Change is afoot. Behind this instagram worthy image below, of our beach, are layers of history and negative stories for Sri Lanka, our planet, women, different races, and different social classes. Incredibly the last year has created an opportunity and an appetite for change and a rebalance.

Before jumping back into life as we knew it, I ask you to pause and think about the changes you want to make. Every thought, action and word we offer has a ripple effect.

Without change some of the following images would not exist. In fact, even today for some these freedoms and images of life are unattainable. We can help change our worldview and bring about equality by travelling consciously when the world unlocks.

What does that mean? I ask you to consider where you stay and HOW you engage in local culture. I ask you to travel slowly, take your time and find out about the country you are going to. I ask you to ask for local guides who are passionate about their heritage and to stay in unique, sustainably designed destinations that support grassroots local causes and communities. Don’t watch local life through glass windows - get on foot and participate! Talk. Listen. Share stories. Leave behind a positive impact as much as you take away a beautiful one. Think of other lands as “ours” not “theirs” - and I don’t mean in terms of ownership, but stewardship with a moral and ethical responsibility for preservation and liberation. You will come and have an amazing time with us, I guarantee that - but what will you leave behind in your wake? If you do this right you will leave behind people who will never forget you, people who will tell your stories to their communities and who will always have a ready smile for you.

Today a fantastic meeting of minds on Clubhouse gave me plenty of confidence that around the world there are enough of us and you committed to bringing change about. I want to see gender and racial equality, mindful consumption, respect for tradition and culture married with liberation from restriction, open minds and even more open hearts.

Watch this space to see how we will play our part, Kalukanda House is only the beginning of this chapter".

Apart from sustainable practice and conscious travel, Dee supports this amazing grass roots charity who are trying to help people in Sri Lanka.

Every little donation is gratefully received.

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