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We are all ageing at all times.

In your teens you watch your changing body in wonder or at times fear...

In your twenties you think you look old.

In your thirties you realise you looked great in your twenties.

In your forties you think 'fuck it, I still look great and did all along'!

In your fifties, you go back to your uncertain teens.

Like everything else in life, it is a circle.

I want to talk about midlife. When you may be experience one or all of the following:

- saggy skin

- wrinkles

- grey hair

- expanding midriff

- achy bones

- large boobs/ no boobs

- stiff joints

- ..... (fill in the gap)

And with all these physical changes they wonder where the low mood and the rollercoaster of emotions comes from.

As I was creating a normal post on my Instagram about Yoga in Midlife I realised, when chosing #'s, that

Midlife only has 419k, ageing has 285k and wellbeing has 14.4M

Wow what a difference. Does ageing in midlife not need wellbeing?

How do you feel about your changing body.

Would you wear a cropped top? Short shorts?

Do you leave the house without make-up?

What do you think when you look in the mirror?

Do you genuinely feel good? Happy? Confident?

And if not; what can we do about it?

The problem is, as per usual these days, social media.

How can we feel good about our wonderful ageing bodies if all we see is products and procedures to stop ageing that are presented to us, not by women looking real, but by women made to look like they are 30. While 50+

Just look at Gwyneth Paltrow (51) and Elle MacPherson (59) as they come flying past on your insta screen;

Then if you take a moment to check in, you will find the reality is more like this:

Why don's we get to see to that. Two beautiful women looking gorgeous as they are.

Im not posting these to ridicule them. There is nothing to ridicule. I simply disagree with the fact this are not the pictures I got to see in the first place.

We live in a world of editing and filters. Sigh.

I tried to post a 'Story' today for The Mat Sanctuary and it automatically added a filter. How can I pray what I preach like this?

Our bodies are merely vessels to cary us through life.

It's beautiful what it is doing for us and it is normal for it to show the cracks.

Will it be possible for us to start accepting those cracks as they are? Age gracefully?


I believe that we can wear what we want to wear and whatever makes US feel good about OURSELVES.

I believe that just as we colour our hair to hide the greys or to add a touch of brightness, it is ok to choose to have a little help. In the shape of creams, facials or even a touch of botox.

Gracefully is being honest about it and being happy with whom you are. Slowly but securely.

Moving through life with a spring in your step, smiling at the world, being kind to yourself and others. Radiating confidence.

Realising that as we age we become Wonderful. Wise. Women.

If you like to change your attitude to ageing while looking after the mind and the body come and join my weekly Yoga in Midlife class.

Every Tuesday from 11-12am. This is a very different class where we chat, meditate, breath and go through slow stretchy poses to help with posture and bone health etc.

Join us here. (Drop in £13. Pack of 6 £66)

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