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Paige Kern

Osteopathy & Massage

B.A.C Health is a Holistic Health and Well-Being practice offering Osteopathy, Massage & Pilates services in South West London including twice a week at The Mat Sanctuary


Osteopath & Pilates Instructor Paige provides a warm, empathetic environment where she will assess and treat your individual needs & help you to achieve any goals you may have. 


Having been an Elite Swimmer, completed a 4 year Masters in Osteopathy receiving a 1st and hundreds of hours of Pilates training, Paige's has a great understanding of the body, and knows how important it is for our mental health to be in optimal physical condition. 


Paige has experience in treating clients of all ages with a wide range of conditions. While she treats all parts of the body, she specialises in TMJ (Jaw), Headaches, Spine health (Sciatica, Neck/Back pain) & Pregnancy. If you would like to book in, please use the button below.

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