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Fri, 22 Sept



Sound Retreat

A morning retreat including a Soundbath

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Sound Retreat
Sound Retreat

Time & Location

22 Sept 2023, 10:30 – 13:00

London, Heathdene Rd, London SW16 3NZ, UK


About the Event

Indian Summer Bliss.

A morning retreat to take some time for yourself after a busy Summer.

Reconnect. Realign. Evaluate. Heal.

This morning will be filled with: Welcome Cirle. Meditation. Journaling. Yoga Nidra & a Soundbath.

Yoga Nidra is resting yoga and this morning retreat does not involve any active poses so no experience is required.

Snacks and drinks are included.


What is a Soundbath

As everything is vibrating so are we, sometimes we can become out of tune in either mind, body or spirit and dis-ease can start to take hold. Through the healing frequencies of sound therapy our bodies can be brought back in tune and we can begin to feel healthy and balanced once more.

Come and feel the deep relaxation and stress relieving effects of a therapeutic Sound Bath. Using Planetary Gong, Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowls and other instrument’s rich harmonic frequencies you will be bathed in sound while you switch off, feeling the stresses and strains of the day melting away as peace and harmony come singing back to you.

How does A Soundbath Work

Therapeutic instruments such as Tibetan singing bowls and gongs stimulate the alpha and beta brain wave frequencies associated with meditative, clear and peaceful states of mind.  Alpha brainwaves are present during light meditation, daydreaming and deep relaxation. Theta brainwaves are present during REM dreaming sleep, deep meditation and hypnosis. These states are considered the gateway to the subconscious mind and it's here where we experience heightened creativity, depth of imagination and access to the subconscious realms where deep seated healing can take place. Therapeutic sound also impacts our nervous system, slowing the heart, brain and respiratory rates down to induce a state of deep relaxation and peace. When the brain waves and body are synchronised, balance can be restored and stress can be released.

Sound and vibration help facilitate a deep sense of peace, release tension and blocked energy, and balance the energy centers in the body.  They are working at a cellular level to rebalance the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. - Don Conreaux

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