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We offer the same class throughout the week. (with a few variations)
Every week a new class.
If you want to commit to your mat twice a week or more, this is your golden opportunity to learn, to explore and to develop further into your practice physically, mentally and spiritually.
Classes will combine Yin & Yang. Sometimes flowing actively, sometimes being still, moving slowly and listening to your body.
Expect Hatha, Vinasa and a healthy dose of spirituality, be it through Mudra's (hand gestures), Mantra's (spoken word) or Crystals & Sound.
There will often be an element of breathwork.
You will soon become aware of what our classes are all about and though we like to add elements of surprise and attune our classes to our client's needs, you will soon become part of The Mat Sanctuary and feel at home and at ease so you can focus 100% on being you, your needs and some rare time to yourself.
Welcome to YOUR Mat Sanctuary

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Yoga & wellbeing to support women through life. 

This class is designed specifically for women. To look after our bodies, mind and soul. Overall well being & feeling great.

Suitable too for women who are either peri-menopausal, in the menopause or beyond it. As we look at how to stay well throughout it and at the other end.

We use the hour to stretch and work on flexibility through slow movements and stillness in a pose. We work on fascia release, bone strength, balance and a strong core. All the things you need for a healthy body and to keep feeling young.

Think also: improved sleep & less anxiety.

A special adapted yoga practice including breathwork and mindful meditation.  

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Yin yoga classes offer stillness and a safe space to relax, process and enjoy the present moment. Yin yoga is an effective way to increase softness and flexibility as the poses are held from 2-6 minutes to target the connective tissues and fascia. These classes combine yin with healing restorative yoga using bolsters, blocks, and blankets to fully support the body, aiming to activate its natural relaxation response, reducing excess stress and tension. Come and unwind from the day and reconnect with your feeling body. 


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