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    The Mat Sanctuary

    An invitation to disconnect

    About The Mat Sanctuary

    Make your Mat your Sanctuary.

    We are a boutique studio in London where we offer Yoga, Meditation, Healing & Breathwork through classes, workshops and retreat days.

    We are hidden away in lush gardens and we invite you to escape with The Mat Sanctuary.

    We are here for everybody who likes to disconnect from the world while connecting with themselves



    Being in love with Bali, where life is slow and the earth vibrates with energy, our founder wanted to share that slow life, that grounding and inner calm 

    Realising that true happiness does not start in a place but from within,
    The Mat Sanctuary was born.

    In London. Not Bali

    Do come and ream in the benefits.
    Make your mat your sanctuary


    The Mat Sanctuary is where you come to do yoga.

    It is where you come to unwind. Breathe

    It is where you come to be you. Meditate


    We are a little zone of calm in central London. Quiet.

    Here there is no rush to achieve and no rush to be something we are not.

    There is simply The Mat Sanctuary.


    Sustainable, Ethical, Environmental.

    Rooted in respect for the planet and all beings inhabiting it, our studio is eco friendly, using natural, recyclable or compostable materials wherever we can.

    You won’t find single-use plastic in sight, instead we have glasses for you to enjoy herbal tea and filtered water.

    Nothing gets cleaned with chemicals which will then wash into the earth we walk on.

    Our Offer

    We offer. Home Page

    A small studio with big offerings. 

    We are tucked away into a London garden but we offer a Bali feel. Life is slow here. 

    Please take off your shoes. Bare feet...

    Take a breath. Listen... Moments of truth

    Make time for you. Moments of contemplation

    Book a class, retreat or treatment and feel free to use the garden to soak up the sun, meditate or read a book.

    The Mat Sanctuary is your sanctuary.

    Our service is personal & bespoke.

    We offer kindness and a warm welcome to everyone


    Find a class to suit you


    Find out more & reserve your mat


    Explore what we have on offer


    Our Founder

    Calm & Chatty

    Grounded & 'Away with fairies'

    Laura is passionate about finding a balance in life through the ancient wisdom of Yoga.

    "I want o offer an opportunity to find calm, where you can reconnect with yourself and find the answers within".

    Yoga. Meditation. Breathwork. Rituals. Sound

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