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Ganesha Statue with Marigolds


An Invitation to Disconnect



Make your mat your sanctuary.

We are a boutique studio in London where we offer Yoga, Meditation, Healing & Breathwork through classes, workshops and retreat days.

We are hidden away in lush gardens and we invite you to escape with The Mat Sanctuary.

We are here for everybody who likes to disconnect from the world while connecting with themselves.


Figure of a Deva Clasping Hands


Our Founder

Calm and Chatty

Grounded and 'Away with the fairies'
London girl in love with Bali 
Bali feels like home. Not the busy beaches but the hidden treasures where life is slow and  the earth vibrates.
Laura always liked Yoga but only became a true Yogi after wandering through those places and finding herself in many ways.
Not one to sit back and wait for miracles to happen, lockdown came and summoned Laura into action.
The Mat Sanctuary and The Studio were born. 
Please all come and ream in the benefits and do come and find a little Bali in the centre of London.
Afterall, true happiness does not start in a place, it starts from within.

Yoga Child's Pose


Who we are

The Mat Sanctuary is where you come to do yoga.

It is where you come to unwind

It is where you come to be you. 

We are a little zone of calm in central London. Quiet.

Where you can stop and make some time for you.

Answer life's questions, explore .

We offer calm and peace. Moments of contemplation and moments of truth.

We do not offer a quick fix to the perfect body and mind. Instead we offer time and kindness. We offer to develop health and beauty of body and soul.

Here there is no rush to achieve and no rush to be something we are not.

There is simply The Mat Sanctuary.

Make your mat whatever you want it to be...


To you and the world

Sustainable, Ethical, Environmental.

Rooted in respect for the planet and all beings inhabiting it, our studio is eco friendly, using natural, recyclable or compostable materials wherever we can.

You won’t find single-use plastic in sight, instead we have glasses for you to enjoy herbal tea and filtered water.

Nothing gets cleaned with chemicals which will then wash into the ground we walk on.

Plants are used to naturally provide oxygen.

Together we can make a difference.



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